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UV protected deck in an All Aluminum Cypress Wagon! zoom

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The underside of an UV protected deck in an All Aluminum Cypress Wagon! zoom

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An UV protected deck in an All Aluminum Cypress Wagon! in front of a garage door. zoom

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UV protected deck in an All Aluminum Cypress Wagon!
The underside of an UV protected deck in an All Aluminum Cypress Wagon!
Cypress- Camp-1
Cypress- Camp-16
An UV protected deck in an All Aluminum Cypress Wagon! in front of a garage door.
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All Aluminum Cypress Wagon! Lightweight and easy to maneuver.

The UV-protected deck is impervious to the sun’s harsh rays as well as chemicals and fertilizers.

The ergonomically curved pull handle ensures the wagon handle does not fall to the ground while not in use. Eliminating the possibility of anyone tripping over it.

See below in the item description box for full details and specifications.

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Wagon Add-Ons
four rod holders in one rack
Wagon Fishing Rod Holders
Clevis Attachment (+$39.99)
Add Aluminum Walls
Aluminum Wagon Walls
Aluminum Wagon Walls $159.99
Product price: $479.99
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If you are in need of an extra-large lightweight pull wagon with a self-draining deck, the Alumacart Cypress wagon is ideal for you!!! The Cypress pull wagon is a game changer when it comes to all-purpose wagons.  The Cypress wagon features a UV-protected self-draining polypropylene deck with a 3” tall welded aluminum perimeter frame. Never worry about dirt, sand, or water sitting in the bed of your wagon again. Its all-aluminum welded fabrication and stainless-steel hardware create a rust-free and maintenance-free powerhouse of a wagon.  Stop buying inferior wagons that deteriorate every year, this will be the last wagon you ever order. Featuring an extra-large 25” x 49” bed with a welded center support for added strength. Reinforced aluminum undercarriages and four 10” four-ply tubed pneumatic tires with grease fittings roll with ease on the ¾” solid aluminum axles.  The wagon frame also features a 2” perimeter lip to ensure your valuables don’t take a spill while in transit. The pull handle was ergonomically designed and outfitted with comfortable foam hand grips.  The base of the pull handle is curved to maintain an upright position while not in use.  The turning mechanism allows the handle to rotate a full 360 degrees for ease of maneuverability as well as compact storage. This all-purpose work of art is ideal for any use such as farm and garden work, construction, audio-visual equipment, zoos, equestrians, tools, water tanks, generators, hay, feed, sporting events, etc. The overall outside width is only 27” so, the wagon fits easily through all doorways and gates. The aluminum undercarriages have been reinforced to tackle the largest of loads. The Alumacart Cypress wagon weighs only 40 lbs. with a 400 lb. load capacity.  PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!!!


  • Commercial-grade construction, built to take a daily beating.
  • All aluminum fabrication with stainless steel hardware.
  • No rust and no maintenance.
  • Lightweight yet incredibly strong. 
  • 400 lb. load capacity.
  • Welded aluminum deck framing with UV-protected self-draining bed 25” x 49”.
  • Four 10” pneumatic 4-ply tubed tires with grease fittings.
  • Ergonomic pull handle with comfortable foam hand grips.
  • Reinforced aluminum undercarriages and ¾” solid aluminum axles.


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4 reviews for CYPRESS WAGON

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  1. This is a really good wagon, assembly was easy, all the parts were there, holes all lined up. I did notice where the bed mat and the bolts that hold the axle assembly meet you have to shape the mat so it will sit flat. Easy fix

  2. I ordered the cart on-line. An hour or two later, I received a call from them asking if was OK to upgrade the wheels to a larger size at no cost because they were out of the standard size. I ordered two sets of the rod holders, which I was able to mount on the same side of the cart due to the higher clearance.
    This is an outstanding product. In todays world where no one seems to have any pride in their work, these guys are a breath of fresh air.

  3. Found the ideal wagon!

    We use this wagon for hauling trash, plants, fertilizer, soil, groceries , musical equipment,, construction equipment, picnic supplies. The weight and size make it ideal for going through doors . The way it turns makes it easy to get in and out of tight places. It rolls effortlessly. Very well built, and strong.
    We should have bought one of these a long time ago.

  4. Converted to a beach wagon for twin 3yr olds

    The wagon is very high quality and is the perfect sized platform for my beach wagon. The plastic grid floor worked out great for my use as well. I added a rack made from 1″ sq aluminum tube and fittings to hold a canvas sun cover and also be a surfboard rack. I took a couple of little kid beach chairs and with some modifications made seats. The same person who made the canvas top also made a set of seat-belts. The kids are safe and comfortable and I do not have to lug a bunch of stuff by hand dragging them along in a Step 2.

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