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Pair-11.8″ Balloon Beach Tires- next to each other laid flat. zoom

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A single 11.8″ Balloon Beach Tire laid flat. zoom

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Pair-11.8″ Balloon Beach Tires- next to each other laid flat.
A single 11.8″ Balloon Beach Tire laid flat.
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Pair-11.8″ Balloon Beach Tires

(7 customer reviews)


Pair-11.8″ Balloon Beach Tires

  • PAIR-Two 30 cm Balloon Beach Wheels-11.8″
  • 30 cm Balloon Polyurethane Wheel with 3/4” Polypropylene Hub
  • Perfect for beach wagons, kayak carts or fishing carts.
  • No bearings.  No risk of sand binding.
  • Glides effortlessly over sand and soft terrain.
  • Low PSI-2-4 lbs. per tire.
  • Weight capacity 121 lbs. per tire.


The 11.8” balloon beach tires were designed and engineered specifically for soft sandy surfaces.  Balloon tires are your only choice when it comes to pulling your wagon through the sand.  Featuring a solid polypropylene hub and a 7/8” hub diameter, these balloon tires require very little air to operate in the sand properly.  Filling recommendations are no more than 3-4 PSI or a maximum filled diameter of 12.5”.  The hub does not contain bearings and is shipped deflated.  Hand air pumps are recommended over compressors to eliminate the possibility of over-inflating the tires.  Balloon tires are compatible replacement tires for any Kahuna Beach Wagon.

(2) Two 11.8” balloon sand tires.
Solid polypropylene hub without bearings.
Ships deflated.
Low PSI-3-4 lbs., maximum inflated diameter 12.5”
Tire and hub sold as one unit.


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Overall Width (inches)


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Overall Height (Inches)


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7 reviews for Pair-11.8″ Balloon Beach Tires

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  1. Jennifer was very helpful in explaining how my older Malone balloon tires wear and what to expect moving forward. The tires purchased fit the “Big Kahuna” beach cart I purchased in 2019 and the cart continues to work well when pulling through the sand.

  2. These were replacements from my wagon because the stock factory exhaust on truck melted them when wagon was put in carrier that was bought for wagon they didn’t say anything about taking tires off because of the exhaust other than that satisfied with everything from y’all

  3. Love the quality of the cart & super thankful for the great replacement tires & the speedy shipping!

  4. 5 star

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